What is my injury case value?


This is a question that everyone who has been injured asks at some point.  It is certainly worth more than what the insurance company is offering you.  But, each client is unique and every injury is different.  There is no bright-line rule to determine your injury case value.  The actual value of your case is a complex calculation which includes the unique circumstances of the parties, the method of injury, and other factors that are unique to each case.   The true value of your case can only be properly assessed by an experienced personal injury attorney who has carefully reviewed all of the details of your case.

What are the factors that are used to determine how much the case is worth?

  1. The nature of the accident
  2. The nature and extent of your injuries
  3. The amount of medical bills incurred as a result of the injury
  4. Whether you were suffering from any pre-existing conditions
  5. Will you need future medical care
  6. Did you have to take time off from work
  7. Will you be able to return to work
  8. Will you suffer a diminished earning capacity
  9. Are you disabled or disfigured as a result of the injury
  10. Do you have any restrictions on your work or personal activities
  11. Whether you were partially at fault

While all of the factors considered to evaluate injury case value are too numerous to list, this provides a quick overview into some of the common factors we will use to ensure that you get every dollar you are entitled to.

What resources do we use to determine how much your case is worth?

After a comprehensive review of the facts and circumstances of your case, we use another of resources to determine the injury case value.  Among other things, we use:

  1. Decades of combined experience
  2. Detailed knowledge of the insurance company and their claims process
  3. Settlement values in cases with similar injuries and facts
  4. Jury verdicts in cases with similar injuries and facts

When will we determine the case value?

We will give you an initial case valuation after we have reviewed the associated reports and medical records.  Throughout the case, we reevaluate how much the injury case is worth to determine if anything has changed since the last valuation.  We will inform you each time we reevaluate the case so that you always have the most current information.

What is your next step?

Insurance companies know that you do not have access to the same resources, making it very difficult to properly evaluate your injury case value.  Don’t let the insurance company pressure you into settling for less than your case is worth.  Contact us now for a free case evaluation.  All injury claims are time limited.

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